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Practical info - Film Greater Copenhagen

Practical info


In Denmark the currency is Danish Kroner (DKK). 1 Euro equals 7,43 DKK. Convert your currency here.



Denmark has a fairly mild climate, more dry than wet. Despite the northern altitude, the winters are mild with little permanent snow. February is the coldest month and July/August the warmest. Average temperatures are 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) for July and 2 degrees Celsius (36 Fahrenheit) for February.
At the extremes, light snow may fall as early as October or as late as April.
The length of the days also varies a lot. During the summer, the days are approx. 18 hours and during the winter 8-10 hours.
Get the current weather forecast here.



List of national public holidays of Denmark in 2017



Like in most other countries in Europe there is 220 volts, 50Hz in Denmark, and we use two-pin continental plugs.