The citizens of Copenhagen want more than entertainment, they want to be enlightened. Six sold out CPH:MEETING events can testify to that. The event was held in connection to the documentary film festival CPH:DOX, and consisted of a number of topical film screenings...

New book honours Copenhagen as a prestigious film city

For many years, Copenhagen has set the scene for Danish as well as international films and TV shows known and beloved around the world. BORGEN, THE DANISH GIRL, THE KILLING and THE BRIDGE, just to name a few. To acknowledge and celebrate Copenhagen as a film city,...

Actor Birgitte Hjort: ”In Denmark you have a bigger say in things, but there is a lack of discipline”

After a stellar career abroad, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen is back home in Denmark to star in the new Danish/Swedish TV series GREYZONE. The Copenhagen Film Fund spoke with her about what it is like to have the world as your workplace, what distinguishes a...


On set with Lars von Trier
| 1, jun, 2017


On set with Lars von Trier

After 17 years abroad, Lars von Trier is back in Copenhagen with the production of his new film THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. Get the plus sides of filming in Denmark from his Danish costume designer through 37 years here   Matt Dillon’s hand rests on the little... read more