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Find your filming locations, crew and production partners here. We can help you navigate the rules in Denmark. No matter if you’re making feature films, TV-series, documentaries, we welcome you to Greater Copenhagen and can help your production run smoothly.

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From best known landmarks to beautiful green fields, from modern urban high tech buildings to small charming city streets, Greater Copenhagen has a multiple range of options if you want to shoot on location.

Filming in Greater CPH

Copenhagen is well known for its wide range of creative talent and services that can ensure your production is perfectly supported.

Although this is a film friendly city, and even if you're a small crew filming on a street, it's best to get permission first. We have all the contacts you need.

Staying in Greater CPH

We can help you find the perfect stay in Greater Copenhagen. Whether you need a production hotel for your crew, need accommodation for movie stars or you want to know where to eat and drink in Greater Copenhagen. Explore the possibilities and our recommendations here.

After 17 years abroad, Lars von Trier is back in Copenhagen with the production of his new film THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT.

Get the plus sides of filming in Denmark from his Danish costume designer through 37 years here

"There is a special social cohesion on Danish and especially Lars' productions with a flat hierarchy, where you help each other. It brings a different joy and unity to the set"

- Manon Rasmussen, costume designer on THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT

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